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13 Dec 2006

The following publications give a useful insight to Holmans and to the development of the rock drill. All are out of print but are usually available from Mining and Management Consultancy.

Cornish Engineering 1801-2001 Holmans, Two Centuries of Industrial Excellence in Camborne (ISBN: 0904040534), 2001. Carter, Clive.

An account of Holman Brothers and their output over two centuries.

Cornish Engineers. Hollowood, Bernard [Illustrated by Terence Cuneo], 1951. Published by Holman Brothers Ltd., Camborne

Officially produced history of Holman Brothers Ltd of Camborne with fine colour plates by Cuneo

British Metal Mining Technology in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Burt, Roger, 1982

Historical Relationship of Mining, Silicosis, and Rock Removal. Holman, Treve 1947, Published by British Journal of Industrial Medicine