Holman rock drills were internationally synonymous with mining: winning many competitions and holding a number of mining and tunneling world records.

The Holman Rock Drill Collection comprises many of the rock drills produced by Holmans Bros, Camborne, Corwall, UK spanning a period from their first patented drill in 1881 through to the 1990’s.

During the 19th century Cornwall became the world’s leading centre for the development and manufacture of equipment for the mining industry. The development of the rock drill for boring holes in rock, was led by the Camborne engineering company of Holman Brothers. Holman had been a blacksmith who assisted the father of the locomotive, Richard Trevithick of Camborne (commemorated on the 2004 £2 coin), with the development of his early high pressure steam boilers.

The Holman Rock Drill Collection is an important part of mining and social history. It is now owned by
Mining and Management Consultancy and is housed at their premises and in the World Heritage Sites at King Edward Mine, Troon, Camborne, Cornwall (courtesy the Trevithick Society) and Poldark Mine, Wendron, Helston, Cornwall

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